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Mars has been a goal for Earth for a number of a long time. First, probes had been despatched to look at it, and now they’re evaluating what it might be prefer to reside there. however, How lengthy does it take to journey between the pink and blue planets?

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The very first thing to know is the place of the planets of their orbit across the solar. It was additionally defined by the house portal. On common, they’re about 225 million km aside.

However the pace of the spacecraft should even be identified. That’s why SpaceX, with Elon Musk on the helm, is growing Starship, Probably the most highly effective rocket in historical past, which is able to journey to each the Moon and Mars.

The spacecraft has two reusable levels, usable mass 150 tons in the direction of the Moon or Mars, whole size 120 meters, take-off mass 4400 tons, 33 Raptor engines within the booster (offering 7,600 tons of thrust for takeoff) and 6 engines within the automobile.

In his months of testing, the place it exploded, Arrived within the first minute of takeoff to1000 kilometers per hour till you attain twice that pace after 60 seconds.

Journey time between Mars and Earth

We return to the start line: How lengthy does it take to journey between Mars and Earth?

The journey between Mars and Earth It takes about 6 months. Nonetheless, the time can range between 5 and 9 months, relying on the relative place of the 2 planets.

A spacecraft touring to Mars on the highest attainable pace can attain the planet in about 6 months. However those that do it at a slower pace It could take as much as 9 months to achieve Mars.

For instance, the Mariner 4 probe, which flew to Mars in 1965, took 225 days. Its successors, Mariner 6 and seven (1969), They did it in 128 days (nearly 4 months, an absolute report).

Vikings 1 and a couple of (1976) did it in 300 days; Pathfinder (1997), at 8 months; Curiosity (2011), at 8 months and Perseverance (2021) in 7 months.

How lengthy does the spacecraft have to go at its most pace? We’ll see it in just a few years, in all probability.