“He nearly kidnapped her”

  • Veronica Castro regularly withdrew from the media and her pals. You already know why.

Not a lot is thought about lately Veronica Castro. His former good friend Superfluous His withdrawal from the media and his pals is because of a Ladies.

This matter was mentioned on a radio present All for girls Exactly what Maxine Woodside mentioned: “Mitzi says that Veronica Castro is alienated from her pals due to a lady she met and nearly kidnapped her.”.

Mitchi deepened the matter by saying The girl allegedly took it to drive her away Even he couldn’t see her: “I despatched him messages. I like Veronica, I like her. That’s my good friend. I’m all the time grateful to him, but when he doesn’t prefer it, he respects himself,” he mentioned.

She additionally mentioned she doesn’t take it personally as a result of she believes she’s appearing this fashion due to the corporate she’s in: “I believe it’s the folks round her, it’s not a lot her.”

I add: “She is surrounded by individuals who damage her. As a result of his group of pals, all of his pals kicked us out of his facet. They took us out of it and I believe any person was mishandling issues. They’re harassing her.”

Mitzi mentioned she didn’t need to hear from Veronica Castro / Gina Sanchez / Instagram: @soiltraoy

Mitzi regrets this as a result of she believes that her good friend is in peril and that the individuals who love her and are necessary to her can’t be round.

Lastly, reporter Marco Antonio Silva mentioned that he knew the girl in query and that she had not solely damaged up with Veronica, however many others: “This isn’t unusual. She was the longtime girlfriend of Veronica Castro, friendship. They divided Alfredo Palacios, they made life unimaginable for him,” he concluded.

Mitzi mentioned a lady near Veronica took her away from her pals / Instagram: @soiltraoy