An absence of producing capability impacts electrical energy service in Cuba at this time

Yesterday afternoon, from 1:44 pm to 12:40 pm, the electrical energy service was affected because of lack of energy technology capability which lasted for 10 hours and 56 minutes. Throughout this era, the utmost recorded affect was 275 MW, which occurred at 9:40 p.m.

Immediately, at 07:00, Nationwide Electrical energy System (SEN) availability of two,590 MW and demand of two,430 MW are reported, with the whole system in service. It’s estimated that 150 MW will likely be affected through the day time.

As for models out of service because of outages, there are Unit 2 of Felton Thermoelectric Energy Plant and Unit 5 of Rende Thermoelectric Energy Plant. Additionally, upkeep work is underway on Unit 6 of Maximo Gómez Thermoelectric Energy Plant, Unit 5 of Diez d’Octobre Thermoelectric Energy Plant and Unit 6 of Rende Thermoelectric Energy Plant.

Limits on thermal technology stay at 309 MW. Alternatively, of distributed technology, 935.6 MW was reported as unavailable because of outages and 159.5 MW underneath upkeep.

For peak demand, the enter of two locomotives in cell technology with a capability of 36 MW is estimated, the enter of Unit 2 of R. Leon Hydroelectric Station is 14 MW, the enter of Central Rende Thermoelectric of Unit 5 is 80 MW, the restoration of 100 MW of distributed technology engines out of service because of gasoline scarcity and 160 of distributed technology machines. MW entry.

Primarily based on these projections, peak hours demand is estimated at 2,980 MW and peak demand at 3,000 MW, with an anticipated shortfall of 20 MW and an affect of 90 MW.

SEN works repeatedly to keep up the steadiness of the electrical energy system and recommends folks to make use of electrical energy rationally and effectively, particularly throughout peak demand instances.