After being accused of being boastful, Dj Adoni defends his humility

For the favored mixture DJ Adoni Criticism rained down on the patron saint of Monte Plata after he made a hasty video look on the presentation as a part of the festivities.

Within the clip, launched this Friday morning, Adoni avoids listening to communicator Emilio Angels, who approaches him as he watches him take the stage, and avoids one of many dancers he finds in his path, which is rejected. Netizens.

In response to the remark, the “opinion is yours” creator defined, “They put strain on me as a result of the town was ready for me since 5:00 PM and I needed to go up. 10:00 PM” and consider that his humility is real.

“Apologies to the actor,” he added.

Within the launch, Adoni obtained endorsements from personalities corresponding to Hector Acosta (El Dorito), Santiago Madias, David Ortiz and Edwin Encarnacion.

“Cease explaining. You waited for hours and also you arrived early. You have been centered in your present”, Santiago Madias.

You’re a nice brother. God bless you”, El Torito.

“@djadoni relax my boy nobody will say something in case you are DJ Pepito…. He who criticizes you criticizes his mom, your humility is aware of no bounds, hold breaking it”, David Ortiz.

“All of us who know what sort of particular person you might be, if there’s one trait you might have it’s your humility, don’t take your self away from individuals who need to see you harm, there’s lots of people who assist you, keep in mind. You need to at all times go see somebody who’s ready to drown you in any nonsense, I’ll inform you. The one factor is God is the one who put you there, and nobody on earth has extra energy than God to take blessings and hold breaking them”, Edwin Encarnacion .