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Abinador and Lionel in motion.

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader and former President Lionel Fernandez joined the celebration of the seventy fifth anniversary of the El Caribe newspaper this Wednesday and joked in the beginning of the method.

Abinader arrived when Fernández was a part of the “Latin America: Immediately and Tomorrow” panel and shared the stage with former presidents Mauricio Macri of Argentina and Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla and United States Senator and Marco Rubio. Different personalities..

On Abinadar’s arrival, everybody clapped and cheered, and Fernandez introduced: The President has arrived, and it’s my honor to introduce him.

Because the applause died down, Fernández advised Chinchilla: President Chinchilla, it may possibly solely occur within the Dominican Republic when the chief of the opposition presents the president.

When Abinadar settled down, Fernandez advised him in regards to the situation they have been speaking about: President Abinadar, we discuss how tough it’s to control, however all of us need to be in energy.


Addressing the occasion, Abinadar thanked the previous president for his presentation: Mr. LIONEL FERNANDEZ, Former President, Thanks to your presentation, however we have to negotiate with you. Everybody laughed once more and clapped their palms uproariously.